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Environmental Issues in Kenya

1 Water resources
Water resources are under pressure from agricultural chemicals and urban and industrial wastes, as well as from use for hydroelectric power. Kenya expects a shortage of water to pose a problem in the coming years. Water-quality problems in lakes, including water hyacinth infestation in Lake Victoria, have contributed to a substantial decline in fishing output and endangered fish species.

Ways of solving environmental problems in Kenya

A dry land area in Kenya
Many institutions that address themselves to environmental issues have been in place since time memorial. However, without a consolidated law on the environment and given the current status of laws, the functions of some of these institutions overlap. Obviously there is a need for institutional legislation that would integrate environmental management within the framework of the proposed environmental law. The National Environment Management Authority is mandated to coordinate all those institutions that may have an interest in environmental management.


Are the School Libraries Still Important?

The information age or the digital era has come with and introduced many interesting concepts, attention-grabbing ideas and new ways of life. Education  before the digital age was ‘manual’- everything done on paper and to a larger extent activity oriented. However with the information age, things have changed. The amount of information found on the online community is immense. In fact in this era, it is almost possible to find any kind of information online. The online community has become schools for many too. The problem comes when the information retrieved online is not genuine, or rather not verifiable. Not all information on the internet is relevant.